New Website Coming Soon…

February 19th, 2017


Just a little note for anyone who may be dropping by here to see what’s being going on in my little world of Siiga and not seeing any updates!

While this site has been left a little out of touch, I have been real busy working hard on new music, art installations in the middle of nowhere in the remote Scottish Hebrides, musical side paths which have taken me on some pretty wild adventures and finishing existing work that will be all shared very soon.


In the meantime I’ve been out playing some solo shows recently in the Highlands, the next one on Thursday 23rd at the beautiful St Pancras Old Church venue in London.

While this site gets its freshen up you can keep in touch and updated on everything I’m up to over on Facebook and Instagram.

Richard :)

Siiga at HebCelt & Belladrum Music Festivals…

July 1st, 2015

11227385_854862361236282_7849396883690952861_nAfter taking ‘The Sea and The Mirror’ out to a string of fantastic shows  touring across Europe and the U.S, Siiga will return to play two special festival dates in the Highlands of Scotland this summer.

Firstly as part of the acclaimed Hebridean Music Festival on the Isle of Lewis, followed by the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival in the beautiful Italian Garden grounds of the Belladrum House Estate by Beauly.

July 17th: HebCelt Festival

Acoustic Stage, 8pm

August 7th: Belladrum Festival

Grassroots Stage, 1pm

U.K, Ireland & Europe Tour Update

January 20th, 2015

10378272_784165434972642_1317374968186724988_n“It’s been a cold winter hidden away in this little cottage up here on the Isle of Skye over the last few months… Turning night into day, playing music in this room until the sun comes up and existing on the edges of anyone’s radar…

Leaving it behind I feel a little like a bear coming out of hibernation…

Thanks for looking after me little cottage – I’ll miss you but it’ll be nice to step back out into the world again…”


Siiga begins it’s first U.K, Ireland and European tour dates this year in Dublin this Friday (23rd Jan).

Richard will be joined by Iain Hutchison as the duo weave their way through a string of dates supporting Nathaniel Rateliff.

Dates listed along with tickets purchase links on the right of this page (London Bush Hall – Sold Out).

Visit and follow the Siiga Facebook page to keep up to date with the tour as it moves around with daily images and updates from the travelling world of Siiga.

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2015 Siiga U.K, Ireland & European Tour Dates…

November 21st, 2014


After a fantastic run of shows in both New York and Los Angeles this year, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be back on the road again in 2015 accompanied by my very talented friend Iain Hutchison in January for the following shows across the U.K, Ireland and Europe.

All shows will be supporting the amazing Nathaniel Rateliff and his full band.

I’m currently tucked away in a small cottage on the Isle of Skye for the winter, a familiar situation which last time, sent me back out into the world with the music that is taking me on these great adventures…


Ticket Links Below


23rd Dublin, Ireland – Academy 2 Tix

24th Belfast, N.Ireland – Limelight 2 Tix

27th Manchester, UK – Deaf Institute Tix

28th Brighton, UK – Komedia Tix

29th London, UK – Bush Hall Tix

30th Ramsgate, UK – Music Hall Tix

31st Paris, France – L’International Tix


2nd Berlin, Germany – Gruener Salon Tix

3rd Hamburg, Germany – Molotow Tix

4th Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso (Small Hall) Tix

5th Cologne, Germany – Blue Shell Tix

6th Heidelberg, Germany – Karlstorbahnhof Tix

7th Dresden, Germany – Beatpol Tix

NY to LA

June 22nd, 2014

After a year that’s left me bouncing back and forth across the water with my guitar, two weeks ago Siiga made it’s very own U.S debut in the amazing New York City.

Another beautifully unknown step from the beginnings back here on Skye where I now sit on this late Sunday afternoon writing to you.

Accompanied by my talented friend Iain, we set off for three shows which took us from the East Coast to West Coast of the vast American landscape in only a few days.

It was an incredible adventure to be carried by this music from New York to Los Angeles where we played great shows to really great people.

We had a very special night as part of the Communion New York club night in the city’s Rockwood Music Hall – Some photos of which are here courtesy of photographer Ester Segretto.

So… We move forward gently with so much more on the horizon for Siiga, opportunity seems to come calling when you least expect it, or more often when you’re not looking at all.

Judging by the last 10 months, this pull of energy seems to be constantly calling me to the wide open lands of the United States, a spiritual and actual home of the music I’ve listened to and loved all my life.

Follow your instincts, listen to your heart and believe in the unknown… :-)




Siiga American Live Shows

May 22nd, 2014

Dates USSpending months dotting around the U.S last year was another unexpectedly beautiful adventure in my life brought around by the continued meanderings I take in my own little musical world…

It’s a privilege to travel and it’s a privilege to perform your own music, if you can combine both you count yourself very lucky.

I’m excited to be heading back across the Atlantic for three very special live shows next month at the following venues accompanied by my talented friend Iain Hutchison.



Baby’s All Right


Rockwood Music Hall


The Hotel Cafe 


Hashtaggers Anonymous…

April 13th, 2014

10247504_648065905249263_5030328804221164101_nHello from the depths of this newly repaired and now watertight Siiga website…

Struck by some kind of virus/spam/internetty plague type thing… This site was completely obliterated in the new year…

Left as nothing more than my own personal link to a fairly suspect website which I can only describe as an 80’s Cold War/Hunt For Red October type of Russian social media submarine strategy game… Or something along those lines…

It was pretty funny the first time I dropped by and got an earful of music (and opinions) that were definitely not my own!…. Then not so funny when I realised well… My battleship was sunk!

Cue handy web bloke out in Colorado to the rescue who in his most polite American tones, hinted that the Soviet security breach was possibly down to my ‘DIY web making skills’… In short… I built a dodgy website…

So onwards he went… Sifting through the wreckage to where we are now… Match fit, spit shined, doors bolted and ready to go back to work…

The only unfortunate battle scar being all the great comments gathered here until now have been lost…  A real shame as they were a lovely part of what was becoming an interesting ongoing diary…

So… We begin again…

It’s a little overwhelming to consider that your voice or creations will be even slightly bright enough to be seen in amongst this infinite sea of updates and information that buzzes around out here amongst us all… So it’s often easier to just get on with what you are doing quietly and not worry too much about who gives it the old ‘looky – likey – thumbs upy’.

But… I have this little pocket of the internet fenced off to myself again… No competitors… No adverts… No trade-offs… Just me plus anyone who wishes to drop by and that’s just how I like it…

I wasn’t really sure what ‘blogging’ was before I started writing here, I’d shelved it with twitting, tagging, liking… selfies… and I dunno… twerking?!… Basically the flood of online shenanigans I seem to really struggle to keep up with or commit myself to…

One of my most reactive Facebook outings was prompted by a pumpkin I carved, I made it with the Siiga emblem on it and wished a Happy Halloween to all and as much as I  really appreciated the kind response it received, it only further highlighted how lightly this Social Media stuff needs to be treated… Especially as a route by which as a creative person, you let go of your work… Shakey territory and not for the faint of heart I say…

You see, i’m a terrible social networker anyway and even worse at keeping in touch with people – I have a friendless personal Facebook account gathering dust, my actual friends get irritated with me for taking a week to reply to a text, if at all… and sitting down to write an email takes me about a month…but … i’m trying to get a little better at it all… I understand the ironic standpoint here as I self-indulge in this little bit of online meandering… But I guess I decided that I should really try again and be a bit of a better online communicator, at least intermittently… for now… it’s a start… right?…  It just always seems to be a commitment I find slightly uncomfortable and if I don’t have anything much to say I always think saying nothing is probably better…

So… for now at least, i’m on the Social Network road to recovery… I’ve stopped smoking my Hashtags, my Instagram filters are menthol flavoured and my twits are well… They’re just twitting…. Blabbering aside… I’m just trying to use it all a little more often…

Every time I post something on Facebook as Siiga, i’m now faced with the option to ‘pay to boost my post‘… Just enter your credit card details and you can possibly be in with a chance of a few more people thumbing you… Well I don’t know about you but I’ve got enough people trying to thumb me for money on services of no actual value as it is…

When I post here though – like right now with this little moonboat scribbling I made late last (pictured above)… It’s free, gratis, no toll… nae cash required matey… For anyone who wants to join in… Give or take the odd hacker who wants to get involved… But to be honest with you… I kinda liked his style… He at least seemed brutally direct and dedicated to wanting to screw me over by destroying my website for his own gain…

He wasn’t offering me free passage through them there waters then flipping out the Visa machine asking for credit card compensation for the life-jackets like those slippery Facebookers…

I’m almost starting to like this blogging again…

Onwards me hearties…