‘Siiga’ – Anogeissus leiocarpa is a highly esteemed and respected holy tree, named ‘siiga’, meaning ‘the soul’

‘Beautiful things persevere and Siiga is testament to this…’

Growing gently from the haunting landscapes and enchanting seas of the islands, Richard Macintyre slowly emerged from the darkness of winter on the Isle of Skye.

Working alone, recording through the night in a cupboard full of old coats, as the snow melted, Siiga remained, it’s roots bursting into life through his captivating, atmospheric song-writing, delicate artwork and transcendental videos.


From the painstakingly handmade, ethereal silhouette animation ‘Hollow Bones’, through dreamy home-made reels of sailing trips amongst layers of weaving porpoises, beyond vignettes of hazy forest woodlands, the transportive world of Siiga was innovatively crafted piece by piece, song by song over the seasons of the year.

Each step intimately documented through an engaging and personal online diary, his only communication to the outside world from the remote Scottish Herbrides.

Joined by his friends Iain Hutchison and Seamus O’Donnell, Richard found a new home in Iain’s shimmering analogue studio where he gently breathed life into each of his carefully crafted home recordings to complete

‘The Sea and The Mirror’.

Jetty Update

Already gathering critical acclaim and awarded ‘Album Of The Week’ by BBC Radio Scotland.

Described as ‘…under the skin beauty’‘stunning in it’s emotion and has me feeling breathless’ … ‘spellbinding’ … ‘delicate and beautifully endearing’ from Scotland’s radio and blogging community, ‘The Sea and The Mirror’, the complete debut album and book document this unique and beautiful journey.

Glasgow Podcart “Cannot stress how much we love this artist “ Read Full Review here

Glasgow Podcart “‘Michelle (Seashell)’… a song that I describe as under the skin beautyRead Full Review here

Tom Morton, BBC Radio Scotland “Truly lovely… Jaw dropping… I loved it.”

Marion Scott, MFR “Absolutely stunning … amazing in its emotion and has me feeling breathless”

R2 Magazine “This is spirit music – music not created but channelled. Natural as the air we breathe… It’s happy sad, moved you beyond understanding and beguiles in a way so little does any more.”Read full review here