Siiga Promo Moon.jpeg

‘Siiga - A highly esteemed and respected holy tree meaning ‘the soul’.


Growing gently from the haunting landscapes and enchanting seas of the islands, acclaimed singer-songwriter Richard Macintyre slowly emerged from the darkness of winter on the Isle of Skye, his home, a small Hebridean island in the North Atlantic sea off the coast of Scotland.


Recording through the night in a cupboard full of old coats, as the snow melted, Siiga remained- its roots bursting into life through Macintyre’s captivating song-writing, delicate artwork and transcendental videos, all of which would go on to create his debut album The Sea and The Mirror. 


Once again Siiga will take listeners on a celestial journey with his latest release Gemini Rising. The 8 song collection guides its audience through love, loss and healing within to rise into the future - to question our place on this mystical, sleeping giant ball of energy amongst the stars.


“Gemini, the twin sign of the Zodiac is a mystical and infinitely powerful representation of the dual nature held deep within us all” says Macintyre. “There is a symmetry entwining the higher and lower self, connecting the shadow to the light, a mirror within the soul. Losing everything, when all hope feels lost, we await and awaken this fire from within, drawing upon its strength to pull us from despair and isolation, to soar onward into the horizon like Gemini Rising.”


Having already played to audiences across the U.K, Ireland, Europe and the U.S., Siiga has been heralded by Scotland’s radio and blogging community as ‘under the skin beauty’, ‘stunning in its emotion’ and ‘spellbinding’. Gemini Rising will be released this autumn on mod y vi Records.