The Sea and The Mirror 

Already gathering critical acclaim, awarded ‘Album Of The Week’ by BBC Radio Scotland and toured live throughout the U.K, Europe and U.S.

'The Sea and The Mirror' has been described as ‘under the skin beauty', ‘spellbinding’‘delicate and beautifully endearing’ from Scotland’s radio and blogging community.

Glasgow Podcart -  “Cannot stress how much we love this artist “ 

BBC Radio Scotland  - “Truly lovely… jaw dropping.”

MFR  - “Absolutely stunning … amazing in its emotion and has me feeling breathless”

R2 Magazine -  “This is spirit music – music not created but channelled. Natural as the air we breathe… it’s happy sad, moves you beyond understanding and beguiles in a way so little does any more.” 4/5 Stars

Bill Bentley - A&R Director Concord Music Group

PR for Neil Young and Lou Reed had this to say on Siiga. 

'Lately I’ve been listening to this deep singer-songwriter from Scotland named Richard Macintyre. His band is named Siiga and he’s from the Isle of Skye there. I can’t stop listening to his debut release. He played in Los Angeles a month ago at Hotel Café and I got to see him live, then found the album. It hit me right where great music always does: the heart. The world will definitely discover Macintyre. You can just feel it coming. When I hear his music, it makes me wonder what it must have been like at Warner Bros. Records in 1967 when they first heard Van Morrison’s test pressing of the Astral Weeks album. Coming off the huge Top 40 hit “Brown-Eyed Girl,” I would bet the label thought they’d be getting something different but hopefully they knew they were in the presence of something timeless.  Music is something without rules, and my feeling is always to look for surprises, because today’s surprise could well be tomorrow’s legend.