Recorded and filmed on a summer's day half way through the creation of The Sea and The Mirror.

This intimately shot video captures a beautiful window into the creative space of Siiga, live from the recording studio as the song was laid down right there in front of the camera, creating 'Stay Home'.

Filmed by Brian Hurren


Made with the kind permission of the Scottish Screen Archive, drift away on a daydream of almost 100 years ago to the mysterious island of St Kilda and another world taken from reels of silent footage from 1929, played out like a window through time to the story of

Michelle (Seashell).

This dreamy film was made late one summer night in Richard's home town of Portree, a fishing village tucked away on the Isle of Skye where during these summer months, the sun barely sets before it rises again.

Armed with a small old toy camera with some DIY fixing, Richard set off through the forest on the edge of his home town of Portree on the Isle of Skye capturing a hazy dreamscape to accompany his song Snowflake.